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Google Cloud Solutions

Techsense Labs, the Google Cloud Premier Partner, assist you to modernize IT infra by deploying cloud solutions that will enhance your digital transformation journey to meet business goals and drive growth.

Google G Suite

With better communication comes better alignment.
With better alignment comes better productivity.
A complete suite of cloud based collaboration solutions by Google enables organizations to transform their ways of working. Techsense Labs helps you discover, design, deploy and experience the roadmap for G Suite adoption.

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Chrome Business Devices

From employee laptops and desktops to video conferencing, digital signage and single-use devices, there’s a Chrome device for you.
Chromebook Laptops – Powerful Chrome-OS based laptops for everyday office.
Chromebox for Meetings – It brings high quality and affordable video meetings to every room.
Signage – Power digital displays of any size with a plug and play Chromebox.
Kiosks – Transform Chrome devices into employee or customer kiosks.

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