Google Workspace

One Software for All Your Productivity & Collaboration

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Do More with Google Workspace

Google Meet : Video Meetings

Frictionless & Secure Video Meetings for teams and businesses.

Better than Zoom

No need to buy Zoom meetings for your organization. Google Meet has better features.

Your Benefits

No need to buy separate meeting licenses.Google Meet is included in the Google Workspace bundle.

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Google Chat : Messaging & Collaboration

It's a private social network for your organization. Have meaningful discussions, stay together.

Perfect Employee Engagement

No need to invest in employee engagement softwares like Lumapps, Jostle, Happeo, etc.

Your Benefits

Happy engaged employees, better productivity

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Google Sites : Create websites/portals easily

Create high quality sites and portals. Easy drag-and-drop.

Create Portals

Create Vendor management portal, company intranet, Learning Portal, etc

Your Benefits

Manage your team learnings, vendors, company intranet, etc.

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Google Docs/Sheets/Slides

Browser based office suites. Collaborate online, real time in documents preparation.

Replaces MS Office

It does all the work which MS office can do, more collaboratively.

Your Benefits

You save on MS office expenses.

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