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Why Newline Brand

Global Leader

With 36% market share, Newline is the largest manufacturer of Interactive displays.

Pan India Presence

Newline has 5 experience centers - Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad.

Pan India Support

Newline has direct technical support & authorized service partners in 286 locations

Why buy Newline Products from Techsense Labs

Most Reliable Company

Techsense Labs is a 14+ yr old company, deals with premium brands only like Google, Microsoft, Asus, Logitech, Newline, Jupiter. So you are in safe hands.

3 Yr Software Support

We have our own tech team and we offer complete software related remote support to you absolutely free.

Free Google Workspace 

We are authorized Google partners. Get domain based email id (ex - [email protected]) with Google Workspace. It costs Rs.3257/user/yr.  We offer it free for 1st year for 1 user account.

Free Website Design

Using Google Sites, we will design a beautiful website for your educational institute (basic design only). Generally it costs Rs.10,000 in the market. We do it for free.

30% Discount on WhatsApp Marketing

Our product, WChat - WhatsApp Chatbot Builder Platform, enables businesses to automate their marketing and sales. It costs Rs.2500/bot/month. We will offer a 30% discount on this.

30% Discount on Kaspersky Antivirus

We are authorized Kaspersky partners (it's the most powerful endpoint security software in the market). Its pricing starts at Rs.2470/device/yr. We will offer a 30% discount on this.

Whiteboard Features

Express and corporate ideas made easy! Built-in whiteboard where you can access with one click. 

Infinite canvas

Express all your thoughts with the infinite canvas and organize them with the pagination. It is designed to be flexible with different needs, allowing you to collaborate and expand your creativities without limitation.

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Object recognition

Recognize thin pen tip as a pen.
Fingers operation supports canvas movements, zoom, and specific object function such as select, rotate, and copy.
Palm is recognized as an eraser where you can clear large area of writings without switching to the eraser tool. 

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Options of edit tools

Produce your meeting minutes, brainstorming, and flowcharts with Newline Whiteboard. It provides various tools such as pen kinds, colored inks, sticky notes, framing designs, and background color as options for you to enrich the content of the meeting.

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Insert images easily

Insert Images freely with the pictures in the display folder or upload images from your USB drive.

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Search on browser for image or web

Enable you to either search information on web or find images directly from the built-in browser. Enrich your discussion on any topic of your choice.

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Annotate anywhere you want to

Enable annotations on any content on the screen, including a running browser, a windows app, and any documents. Capture your notes freshly and save them with screenshots.

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Split Screen

Enhance interaction, multitasking and collaboration on up to 3 split screens with independent toolbars

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QR Code Exporting

Forget paper handouts, meeting notes or taking photos of your whiteboard sessions. Easily capture your contents in image or PDF file; wirelessly transfer these meeting assets out to other devices via QR code.

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Google Drive Access​

Simply scan the QR code and log in your Google Drive account in seconds. You can now access to your files and add the images into your Whiteboard notes.

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Cast Features

A simple, smart and secure wireless screen-sharing solution for meeting rooms, huddle spaces and classrooms.

Easily share your screen
from any device

Present and share content wirelessly from any device with a single click. Newline Cast is simple to use and works with all modern laptops, tablets, phones and support for your browser.

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Control from the display or your own device

Enjoy two-way collaboration as you comfortably control and annotate over content directly from the display or from your own device.

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Multiple presenters. Minimum fuss.

Any attendee can use Newline Cast without needing to pass cables or remove anyone else from the session. With a dedicated app and extended browser support, guests can also connect and present as easily as you do.

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Share more than just your screen

Newline Cast comes with content sharing tools to make collaboration even easier. Attendees can share videos, links and files with each other without ever having to leave the app.

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Secure. Private. Compliant.

We take your security very seriously. Every Newline Cast meeting is protected by a unique 4-digit PIN and is encrypted end to end.

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Broadcast Features

One-to-many wireless screen sharing solution for meeting rooms, lecture halls and all types of conferences.

Share content to audiences of any size

Share your screen in real-time from your Newline display to any participant connected. Easily invite up to 200 participants to connect their own device.

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Quick and hassle-free way to share your screen

Tap the Broadcast icon to start sharing your screen. Waste no time setting up, sending invites or scheduling sessions. Simply walk up to the display, start the broadcast and your audience can follow along.

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Easy to join for audiences anywhere

Audiences can join your broadcast with minimal fuss. All they need to do is go to the Newline Broadcast webpage, enter a 6-digit ID, and they’re live with you.

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Leave nobody out of your presentations

Let viewers join the broadcast from anywhere in the world with a network connection. Give them a closer look when sitting at the back of the room or join the broadcast remotely to ensure nobody is left out.

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Available for all your Newline displays

Newline Broadcast works on both Windows and Android platforms. It has been designed to instantly share your Newline display screen with a large number of devices, hassle-free, no matter what system you use. 

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Launch Control Features

An innovative solution to pull up meetings from your smartphone onto the Newline display for a more personalized experience.

Turn the display into a more personal device

Use your smartphone to create a secure, more personalized interactive experience. Get instant access to your content, calendars and calls on the Newline display.

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A more organized home screen for meeting room displays

Decide what applications to use across your meeting room displays. Makes it easier for your teams to find and launch the apps they need for their meetings.

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Join meetings by simply walking up to the display

Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology and your Office 365 account, you can launch your calendar and upcoming meetings onto the display by simply walking up to it. Leave the room to disconnect, easy and worry-free.

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Launch video calls from your phone onto the display

Launch Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business calls from your phone and they’ll begin on the Newline display. Find your meeting, tap to launch and your call will start on the main display without the need to sign in or touch the screen.

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A secure way to personalize meetings for everyone

Users can connect without inputting their credentials and disconnect without leaving a trace. IT administrators can lock the Newline Launch Control homepage to bar users from accessing sensitive information.  

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Display Management Features

Centrally manage your Newline interactive displays and send out mass notifications, all from the comfort of your desk!

Remote control 1:1

Perform technical support tasks without limits, controlling remote clients and assisting users. Work alongside or take over the screen – all from the comfort of your web browser console.

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Take full control with unlimited devices

Connect with any number of devices. Easily manage all or selected displays anytime, anywhere.

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Manage apps

Centrally manage applications wish functions such as installing, uninstalling, enable, disable, listing, stopping, and opening.

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OTA (Over-The-Air) updates and firmware management

Optimize software installation, create distribution packages and push application updates Over-The-Air.

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Messages and alerts

Send messages, broadcast information, and siren alerts on display screens. Deliver important announcement to one or selected devices in no time. 

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Device policy management

Impose policies, working models and create different interface scenarios – such as limiting Internet or application usage. Set the allowlist and blocklist to align with your policies.

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Engagement Features

Easily engage students with all your existing content

Import existing lessons

An easy to use interactive teaching tool with which you can natively import your existing lessons like IWB, SMART Notebook, and Promethean Flipchart. Any content can be imported, images, video, PDF, PPT, text, shapes and much more. Use one of the free templates or use the whiteboard on the go with one of the
130+ subject specific tools.

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App Store Features

Use your favorite apps

Wide range of Apps

Our curated app store features a wide and ever expanding range of tools for education. Get started today with apps that can help make teaching, collaborating and creating learning materials faster, more fun, and more efficient. All apps are tested for
full compatibility with Newline interactive displays

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Classroom Tool Features

Make Streamlining your lessons fun


Newline Classroom Tools is a selection of frequently used tools by teachers, like a timer and traffic light, to help keep your lessons streamlined. This widget works as an overlay when opened. You can minimize the widget, navigate between any screen and open the tools menu when you need it throughout the day.

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