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About WChat


With features like visual flow builder and native e-commerce, build advanced WhatsApp chatbot easily.


Create conversational marketing campaigns, engage leads and provide customer service, all inside WhatsApp. 


Respond to your customer in Fb Messenger, Instagram , Google Business Messenger, Telegram, SMS, Voice, Line, Viber, Wechat, Slack, etc

Chatbot Development Overview


Visual Flow Builder

Use our drag & drop flow builder to build advanced conversation flows with ease, flexibility and speed - without coding.

Library of templates

We prepared tons of templates for you to get started within minutes. Also, users can upload their templates as well

Flow Builder Themes

WChat offers more than 8 different flow layouts & themes.

Advanced building blocks

With send message, question, action, condition, split, Goto, send email module, you can skyrocket your chatbot.

Visual logic

You can set up keywords triggered, sequence automation, and bring subscribers in through our powerful growth tools.

Powerful automation

You can set up keywords triggered, sequence automation, and bring subscribers in through our powerful growth tools.

Comprehensive Chatbot Elements

Design chatbot and using elements like - delays, Images, Video, Audio, Attachments, Gallery (horizontal), Emojis, Persistent menu, Quick replies, Buttons, Free text input, Location sharing, Email validation, Date validation, Customer feedback, Dynamic menu, persona, human agent tag, etc.

E-Commerce Overview


Display Products

Display products easily and nicely in WhatsApp.

Cart Features 

Add to cart, adjust quantity or remove from cart.

Answer Questions

Automate the product inquiries automatically with chatbot or trigger Live Chat agent.

Multiple Payment Gateway

Easy integration with local payment gateway like Paypal, Stripe, Razorpay, etc

Shopify & Woocommerce Integration

Connect with your shopify /woocommerce store for customer support & generate sales.

Native E-commerce for Shopify

Sell your Shopify products inside WhatsApp. Show catalog, take orders, etc

Order Confirmation & Sync

Receive instant order complete confirmation,  orders get updated in WChat and sync your order to 3rd party platform.



WhatsApp Cloud API

Engage your WhatsApp audience for free - free 1000 session messages each month with cloud API.

E-Commerce Integration

Connect with your Shopify / Woocommerce store for customer support & generate sales.

Integration with ChatGPT & AI

With built-in integration with ChatGPT & Dialogflow, one can build a chatbot that provides personalized, contextually relevant responses.

Integrate with Popular Apps

Integrate with Slack, Google sheet, Calendly, Jivochat, Drift, Intercom, etc

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